Why Do We Fall?

Growing up, poetry fascinated me. Mostly because I found it rather hard to grasp the undertones that most poetry is built upon. However, as I grew older, poetry just became a part of me and a part of what I do. Almost all of my writing involves poetry in some form and here is one that I did recently.

Tough times keep coming and going in all our lives, in some form or another. If anything is a constant in life, it the tough times and how we get over it. Cyclical almost. Here is my small take on why we fall, and the whole roller coaster of it all.

Why do we fall?
What is earth and life?
Are we not just someone else's plan?
Just someone else's for the taking?
Why do we fall some more?
If nothing is ever what it seems,
Why make something of anything at all?
Falling and falling,
Strange that its all we seem to do,
Rolling on, tumbling down,
Rolling some more,
Tumbling again.
If only more points were thought of as pointless
And the waves just left to crash,
Maybe, just maybe,
We could just get to the point and fall no more.
Why fall at all?

Strange as this life may seem, it is mostly what we do right? Fall and then get right back up!

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