…And Hope For The Best

This past year has been trying for me to say the very least. But as it happens, life does go on. For those of you reading my posts, you would have by now realized that with every piece I have written I have grown stronger and possibly bolder with all that I have chosen to share. Writing this blog, has been cathartic and yet I have not been able to write for sometime now. I could say that life has gotten busy (and it has), although, not busy enough that I could not write at all. To be perfectly honest, my writing also demanded that I take some time to heal, especially after every instance that I chose to open up.

But, here we are again.

What is a trial really? 
Is it that we try hard or not at all?
Or would it mean that situations try us? 
But, isn’t it mostly that trying situations make us try harder? Or not try hard enough?  

Trials and tribulations come and go, 
Just like happiness and peace does. 

Are we ever really, truly at peace? 
Or are we forever sad? 

Struggle builds character, 
Struggle defines one, 
But doesn’t it seem like we are struggling always? 

Struggling to be at peace, 
Struggling to feel, 
Struggling to understand, 
Struggling to cope? 

Let’s not get carried away though, 
Some things are easy. 
Pain comes easily, 
So do the tears. 

Smiles are harder and rarer,
And if easy, rarely real. 

Hope is omnipresent though, 
Forever just there, 
Always up for grabs 
And at times, a desperate need. 

Try and try is seemingly all we do, 
Try to smile, 
Try to cope,

Try to ease the pain, 
Try to hope. 

What more is there? 
Love, of course. 
Love, so entwined in all of these at once, 
Peace, happiness, pain, struggle and hope. 

So much for love. 
Love is everything or nothing.

Trials and trials we face, 
So much of it we lose,
So few we win. 

True happiness we may never find, 
Or ever be fully at peace. 

But let hope give you hope. 
For trials are just trials.
They come, and they go.

And so it would seem, I have almost healed; just like that. Makes one wonder doesn’t it?

But, what I have learned is that every trial is but a speed breaker, that forces us to slow down, reflect, clear the bump smoothly and continue on!

StayWithMe through 2020.

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